Social Media Management For Content Creators

Keep your social media presence engaging and top-of-mind without sacrificing all your time.

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Social Media Management For Content Creators

Keep your social media presence engaging and top-of-mind without sacrificing all your time.

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Does this sound familiar?

Your budding content creation business starting to do well. You have a popular Youtube channel and your Instagram account is growing quickly. But with most of your time taken up by filming and editing your Youtube videos, you don’t have enough time to create additional content for your other channels.

You know that maintaining consistent high quality content is very important to the growth of your brand. At the same time you can’t do it all yourself and risk burnout and therefore a drop in quality or consistency. What is a content creator like you to do?

What you need is some outside help, and our Social Media Management service is the answer you’re looking for for both your brand, and your sanity


Service Benefits

  • Spend less time publishing social media
  • Publish more content, faster
  • Maintain the quality of your social media content
  • Increase the visibility of your content
  • Cross pollinate content to get the most out of a topic/event
  • Get a detailed overview of all your channels and performance
  • Finally have the time to focus on what you’re best at – creating great content
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by social media and finally get it under control
  • Connect with more people and make a bigger impact

Our social media management service is the perfect way to keep your content looking great and helping your brand grow. We take care of everything for you, so you can focus on what you do best –
creating amazing content!

Why Design Dragons?



We’re more competitively priced than a larger agency, but as robust in our processes



We’re more efficient than “that one cousin that studied graphic design for a year a while back”



We specialize in smaller businesses and working effectively with smaller budgets



We care about the growth of your business, because your growth is our growth too



All your questions can be answered and implemented under one umbrella


Speaking of smaller budgets…

From our experience we know that some of our clients’ biggest worries are how much this service will cost them, what the returns will be, and whether they will be able to sustain this cost month on month.

How we handle the cost of the service: Our costs are structured in clear and descriptive line items. By looking at our quote you can easily select what you want to implement now vs later, and leave the rest. We are also great at explaining what the impacts of your choices are and will gladly guide you.

How we handle the returns on investment (ie the budget): We believe in SMART goals, and set expectations before we begin any project. Our expectations are based on analytics and industry benchmarks, as well as historic performance and future forecasts.

How we handle the sustainability of the cost month on month: The ability to maintain a monthly social media management budget is extremely important to us as well as you. This is because we need a certain period of time to show improvement in results. We therefore always explicitly base our initial quote recommendations on the monthly amount being sustainable over at least 3 months.

How to Get Started?

Get in touch (call, email, live chat on the site, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp….you name it).

Once we connect tell us about what you’re looking for (new concept, rebrand of existing channel etc).

We’ll capture your information into a brand brief and/or a marketing brief depending on what you need.

We will send through a proposal with pricing, available marketing estimates and a proposed timeline.

Review the project, approve and let’s build you brand and its digital presence!

Social Media Management Pricing

If you’re looking for a social media management service that will help you save time, produce great content, and make a bigger impact, then look no further – our team is ready to help you! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take control of your social media presence.

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