Digital media and marketing solutions for small to medium businesses

About Us

Design Dragons offers digital media and marketing solutions. Our focus is on graphic design, web development and digital marketing for small to medium businesses.

Starting out in graphic design we quickly noticed the disconnect or absence of strategy in the brand identities, websites and ad creatives we were tasked to design.

To counter this what started our as a graphic design service expanded into a full stack consulting, design and marketing service to ensure:

Shared understanding
Clear content, social media and website growth strategies
Effective brand identity, content and website development
Transparent maintenance and management strategies
Personalized onboarding

What does Design Dragons do?

Our services are packaged variously depending on each client and are completely flexible. Are you looking for just a logo, perhaps a website, or even the full suite? Or are you looking to just learn a little more about how digital transformation could help your business? Talk to us.

Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Brand Management

Graphic Design

Would you like to find out more about each of these services? Click on each one for more info or set up a free consultation below.

Companies we have worked with

Tell us more about your digital  requirements

Not sure what your company’s digital requirements are? Let us know and we will help you understand, strategize and implement. Your success is ours, so let us help you develop a successful brand and digital marketing strategy.

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